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Our Story

We are the Lockey family

We are Ralph and Olivia Lockey and Northside Farm is our home. Ralph was born and bred on the farm next to Northside Farm and has been farming the land since he left school. He knows the farm, buildings and land like the back of his hand.

In 2010 we decided to diversify and welcomed 6 Glamping pods to the farm. We also converted the old stable into 4 family wet rooms and the old bullock pen into a communal kitchen. The Glamping pods grew in popularity very quickly so it wasn’t long before we added 4 more.

Due to several enquiries, we started organising Marquee weddings on the paddock. Ralph set about relocating the pigs and all the old farm machinery and started chipping away at converting the barn himself. It took us 3 years to complete the barn. What started with a simple sketch on a scrap of paper soon turned into our reality.

At this time we were wondering who would be first to get married in the barn and after 10 years of being together Ralph asked me (Olivia!) to marry him. It went something like this ‘Do you think we should be first to get married in the barn?’ Of course the answer was YES! We set the date for May 2016 which also meant we had a deadline! Ralph built the bar and I was painting the walls 2 weeks before the wedding. It all came together and we had the best wedding ever.

The popularity of Northside Farm grew very quickly, as did our family! We have 3 girls, Hester, Ava and Edie who all absolutely adore the farm. They aren’t afraid to muck in and they love nothing more than seeing the beautiful brides in their dresses. If you look carefully you will see their input to the farm such as the handmade family tree splash back in the communal kitchen.

Northside Farm is a family business through and through, we have built our business around our family. We look forward to opening the doors to our farm to you and your family.

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