‘Quirky’ weddings are in!

Back in the day when our grandparents and even parents got married, a certain format was followed. A more uniform wedding, or as the Americans like to say, a cookie-cutter wedding. All the same, rolled out, ready to go……. Next!

There is nothing wrong that at all but thankfully, times have changed. Couples want something that reflects their own tastes and personalities, having a blank canvas to create a wedding like no one else’s.

‘Quirky’ weddings are in!

What defines quirky? We are not talking about jumping out of a plane, landing in a yacht wearing a white bejazzled cowboy outfit and jetting off to a ceremony in a remote cave (although how cool would that be?), but something that goes against the norm, and makes it memorable not only for the couple getting married, but also for guests.

It could be having street food served instead of a traditional wedding breakfast, or having a funfair within the grounds. How about arriving by helicopter like James Bond, or creating a festival-style event with live music and tents or even a Star Wars themed wedding?

Whatever is in the wildest of imaginations of a bride or groom, we love hearing them!
Northside Farm is increasingly becoming the venue of choice for couples wanting that little bit extra and different thanks to our no restrictions and exclusive use policy, within a private setting. Our venue is a blank canvas to be creative with. It is, of course, also beautiful as it stands for more subtle and delicate weddings. The point is, anything goes! It’s your wedding – so have it your way.

Can quirky go too far?

Our ‘no restrictions’ policy is obviously only open to the request being legal, so before you think about how quirky it could be, take into consideration if it is doable,, and for the more outrageous ideas, think about your guests. You obviously want Great Aunt Maud there but would she really be able to get involved in an adult ball pit, paddle boarding or hanging upside down on a roller coaster?

A bit of both

Of course, you could always mix tradition with some quirky ideas. Think cocktail towers, silent disco’s, fire shows, but after a romantic ceremony. The best of both worlds.

The good thing is, our 200 acres of land with forest and lake surrounding the heated barn and gingang, has ample space for all guests as well as catering for your unique ideas.
Whatever you decide, speak to us and let us make it happen.